Spa - Coorg

  • Built on the premise of Ayurvedic wisdom and contemporary massage techniques, the spa at Heritage Resort, Coorg combines the best of both worlds. Creating an environment that is as sacred as the surroundings, our treatments hope to contrive the magic of the land with every stroke. Our lavish spa offers an array of therapies and treatments that are meant to relieve you of the tightness and tension that a hectic routine brings. You’ll melt into a blissful, renewed state of being - that’s a given!

    We have several bespoke treatments that are rejuvenation-centric and involve de-stressing techniques to reinforce wellbeing. All our extensive therapies bear the underlying advantage of making sure you’re in a better shape than you walked into our spa. Owing to their decades of expertise, our massage practitioners open up the doorway to let you dive deeper into the lap of luxury. You can count on leaving the spa completely refreshed!

  • The principles of Ayurveda are deeply instilled in all our spa treatments at Hotel Coorg International. We vow to give you an extravagant yet invigorating experience that de-stresses you as much as it leaves you feeling pampered. All of our spa therapies combat the pressure and anxiety that comes with the daily drill. You can bank on these therapies and programs to go back completely recharged.

    Watch your low-key vacation turn into a joyful, and serene experience that will reawaken your senses and have you feeling tranquil - an essential requirement if you’re seeking to restore your inner peace. Allow yourself to tap into this state of calmness as our expert masseurs work their way into your tense muscles and rid you of all that pent up tension. Your visit to the spa might just end up becoming an exhilarating highlight of your getaway!